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Concrete: Confusion over results leaves students frustrated

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Updated 4 July: According to Dr Andrea Blanchflower, director of Learning and Teaching Services, yesterday’s deadline for final students was met in all schools. The deadline for continuing students is 5pm on 10 July.

A document from the Learning and Teaching Service (LTS) webpage said that the “Deadline for publication of pass lists” would be 3 July. However, for the last few days, the official UEA Twitter account, @uniofeastanglia, has been informing individuals that continuing students will get their results by the end of the week.

There was no official announcement from the University explaining this, and when the 3 July deadline passed, many continuing students appeared to remain uninformed, describing themselves on Twitter as “frustrated”, “fuming” and “sick of waiting”.

After saying that they “understand frustrations” on Twitter, the University went on to announce that the 3 July deadline was for finalists only, most of whom have their results. However, this was also seen as unacceptable by some, with law student James Laughlin citing the month-long wait for many finalists as a “bit of a joke” considering the imminent graduation ceremonies.

So far, it appears that there are continuing students from LDC, HIS, PSI, ENV and BIO still waiting for results, with tweets from UEA indicating that most will hear by “the end of the week/start of next”. However, confusion and the lack of information about deadlines for specific schools has left many disappointed and frustrated.

Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) academic officer Meg Evans commented: “It is understandable that there is a lot of confusion and consternation amongst students waiting for their exam results, especially as there seems to be two different messages being fed to students. The Union will endeavor to clarify the situation as soon as we can and will keep students informed with any updates.”

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