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The Breakfast Club (Soho)

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I started a brunch blog with my housemate and BFF Hattie.

Best Brunch Ever

Breakfast club Soho brunch

How we brunched:

For me, in the quest to find the Best Brunch Ever, The Breakfast Club was a clear starting point. I had heard about it from many people’s instagrams and John Hughes’ biggest fan Rachel and so, on a chilly Sunday Morning in January, we took to the streets of Soho.

It had already been an eventful weekend. Our good friends had come to stay and see Wicked with us, but one had been struck ill the night before with terrible stomach pains, which we had unprofessionally diagnosed as the highly infectious norovirus. For all we knew, this brunch could be our last, so we were determined to make the most of it.

The Breakfast Club had considerable queues on a Sunday morning at 11am, and we soon became certain that every hunger twinge was the dreaded virus starting to set in. We didn’t want to be beaten…

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