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Crochet flower bunting for Spring

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Crochet flower spring bunting 1

I love the spring. Winter always feels so long and gloomy, but when the sun finally arrives, everything starts to look better. I love daffodils, I love that it’s still light when you leave the office, I love being outside and sitting on grass.

So I’ve been making this bunting for months, crocheting the flowers whenever I didn’t feel like doing my main knitting projects. But it feels fitting that I finished it in the spring, and that it was the perfect length for the big, sunny windows of our new flat (annoyingly, not sunny when I took these photos).

Crochet spring flower bunting 2

This isn’t an original pattern, but more of a hybrid that I improvised and put together from lots of different places. It was mostly inspired by the beautiful fruity colours of Peter Pan DK (933, 934, 937 & 938). I’m usually a bit snobby about acrylic yarns, but this one has a lovely soft feel – and if there’s one thing acrylic does well, it’s colour.

So to make the daisies I used this gorgeous pattern from the Diva Stitches Crochet Blog. She has lots of really cute free flower patterns and you should definitely check them out. I used one colour for Round 1, and changed for Rounds 2 & 3 to create that pretty daisy effect.

And for the single-coloured flowers, I used this great video tutorial from Yarn Obsession. Again – neither flower pattern was my design, I just picked them out and threw them together. If you want to learn to crochet, I always find videos so much more helpful, and the Yarn Obsession channel is really good.

Once I’d made enough flowers (I made two daisies in each colour combination and three single-colour flowers each) I then crocheted them all together in white. My white stash is James C. Brett Shimmer DK and it has that extra thread effect which gives it a little texture, but a smooth white DK yarn would look just as good.

If you’re interested, I decided to try my hand at a photo tutorial for stringing the flowers together, which you can find below. It’s not really a pattern, because I wasn’t that precise – I wanted the flowers to be placed randomly with varying lengths so I didn’t count every time – but it’ll give you an idea. What I love about crochet is that you don’t always have to be as exact as you do in knitting – it’s great for projects like this which are a little more freeform.

If you’re not interested in the tutorial, just enjoy the pretty.

Crochet spring flower bunting 3

Step 1: Make a slip knot.

Bunting 1

Step 2: Chain 10.

Bunting 2

Step 3: Insert hook into first chain.

Bunting 3

Step 4: Slip stitch to create loop.

Bunting 4

Step 5: Chain 45 – this forms beginning of bunting string. Thread waste yarn for marker.

Bunting 5

Step 6: Chain until you reach the desired length for your first flower string – I didn’t count as I wanted to create a random look. (I also changed from a white to red hook for some reason but they’re both 3.75mm.)

Bunting 6

Step 7: Insert hook into top of flower from the back.

Bunting 7

Step 8: Wrap yarn over hook and pull through. Two loops on hook.

Bunting 8

Step 9: Yarn over hook, pull through loops. Your flower is now securely attached and facing the front (although they tended to twist around anyway.

Bunting 9

Step 10: Double crochet in each chain until you reach marker.

Bunting 10

Step 11: Chain 15. This will create the bridge to the next flower string.

Bunting 11

Step 12: Thread waste yarn for marker and start again from Step 6. Vary lengths and colour sequences until your flowers have all been placed.

Bunting 12

Step 13: Chain 45 to match beginning of bunting, then chain 10 more for loop.

Bunting 13

Step 14: Insert hook into 10th chain from hook and slip stitch to create loop.

Bunting 14

Step 15: Double crochet in each chain along top of bunting.

Bunting 15

And you’re done!

One thought on “Crochet flower bunting for Spring

  1. What a lovely project to welcome Spring!

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