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Concrete: Students’ film on homelessness wins BBC prize

The documentary, entitled 16:01, was created by Guy Wilson, Will Hanford, Nate Dove and Alex Francis, and was originally displayed over five screens at the Forum. This meant that several different shots could be viewed at once, while the main interviews were shown. However, it can be seen in its single-screen form here.

It was shown as part of a series of fifteen films made by students for Campus City in February, a presentation at the Forum which was a collaboration between UEA, BBC Voices and the SeaMedia project. The students were given the opportunity to make a film based on any subject, as long as it was relevant to Norwich and Norfolk.

Speaking to Concrete about the inspiration for the film, Wilson said: “We wanted to tackle it and get a real strong issue, given the platform that we had, the great opportunity that it was. We saw the opportunity to do something important and to make something that could make a difference.”

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