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Concrete: Anger over plans to demolish Islamic Centre

The lease for the temporary buildings was granted in 2009 with the intention to build a permanent facility once it expired. However, this has not been the case.

While UEA will apply in June for a new lease to build a permanent teaching space to replace the CD annex, this does not include prayer facilities to replace those provided by the Islamic Centre.

The reasons for this decision remain unclear. However, it was made without consultation with the centre’s chaplain, Masoud Gadir, who was only informed of the closure after the decision had been made, or any other members of the Muslim community.

The Islamic centre is integral to the Muslim community of UEA for daily congregational prayers, at which 20-80 people attend, with over 400 for Jum’uah prayers on Fridays. Due to the relatively small Islamic community in Norwich, it is one of the largest centres in the area.

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